Deonte grew up in Chicago, IL and always thought and dreamed of being a big music star. He uncovered his passion for music when he started to dance and sing watching the movie ''The Temptations'' in 1998. From that point on, Deonte was involved in choir, musicals, and songwriting. He also learned to play the piano and ukulele in his spare time. Deonte said, "Music changed my life". He hopes one day that he can show the world his talent and become a successful artist. It's very evident that Deonte has what it takes to be a big star, with his work ethic and his dedication, reaching the pinnacle won't be that hard for this young artist.

Tae Edmonds “Break The Cycle” Feat. RJ Griffith

Tae Edmonds newest single “Break The Cycle” has been making so much noise right now! It’s on all platforms now!

My album “Seven” is out on all platforms!

Tae Edmonds “Sometimes I Cry”

“Sometimes I Cry” is a song Tae made talking a little bit about his life

Tae Edmonds “Letter To My Pops”

Tae Edmonds wrote “Letter To My Pops” talking about his Dad!

Tae Edmonds “Pour Me Up”

“Pour Me Up” is a song Tae made in the studio just vibing out!

Tae Edmonds “Vibez At 3AM”

“Vibez At 3AM” is at 1.2 million streams on SoundCloud!

Tae Edmonds “We Gone Make It” Feat. Tosha Marie

“We Gone Make It” is song Tae & Tosha made to uplift everyone!

Tae Edmonds “Good” Feat DayUnderscore

“Good” has reached over 600,000 streams on SoundCloud!

Tae Edmonds “Deep In”

“Deep In” has reached over 3 million streams on SoundCloud now!

Tae Edmonds “SuperWoman” Feat. RJ Griffith

Superwoman is a song they made for all the queens in the world!

Tae Edmonds “Momma I Love You”

Tae made this song for his mom!

Tae Edmonds-Vibez At 3AM Video

Tae Edmonds song "Vibez At 3AM" is a song he made in Chicago, his hometown. You can see some scenes of Chicago. This song has over 1.2 million streams on SoundCloud!

So Much Love Tae Edmonds is getting from across the world!

Tae Edmonds song "SuperWoman" feat RJ Griffith is doing great all across the world uplifting women!

Tae Edmonds "Dear Pops" Hoody!

Tae Edmonds "Dear Pops" Shirt

Tae Edmonds has over millions of streams on SoundCloud! Follow him there!

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